4 Ways To Take Care Of Books And Tricks Organizing Collections For Long Lasting

Reading and collecting books is one of the most popular hobbies in the wider community. Especially given the increasingly diverse genre of books and topics, book lovers are now increasingly keen to collect the works of their favorite authors. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to a pile of books at home. The books that are stored in the origin of course can damage the beauty of a room and indirectly will rival the interior design of your home. Saving on self storage buildings will also make you a hassle.

The placement of books that are not neat can also be difficult for readers when they want to read books because they forget where they are stored, or lost in other piles of books. Instead of happening, it’s better to monitor how to take care of the book and the tricks arranged below!

How to Take Care of Books with Neat at Home
1. Keep Books in One Room Only
Books that are stored in one room will make it easier for you to remember the placement of books. Choose a room in the house that is spacious enough to be a place for storing the books. If your book collection has reached hundreds, it would be better if you buy or build a bookshelf attached to the wall to save space.

2. Take advantage of Empty Angles
Your book collection is too much to be stored in one room? As a solution, find an angle not far from the room. Empty places such as the corner of the living room, the bottom of the stairs, even the stairs can be used as a place to store books. This solution, in addition to saving space, can also be used as a decoration enhancer when arranged properly.

3. How to Take Care of a Book Using the Backrest
The way to care for the next book is to involve separators. Unlike the separator or book divider, the back of the book, or booken (made of two heavy objects flanking a row of books so it can stand upright).

Book backs are usually used on bookshelves that are only half-filled or even filled with only a few books. The shape of the book back also varies, there are standard shapes of squares, cat sculptures, natural stones, and much more!

4. Arrange the Book Based on the Color of the Book Cover
Each book cover has a different color. Take advantage of this one character as a way to organize your books on shelves or space at home to make it look more presentable. Arrange from white or the brightest color to the darkest color or arrange according to the color of the rainbow. Everything is up to you!

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