Best Action Film in 2018

If you like action films, you can visit 123movies to watch some interesting films. The following are a selection of the best action films in 2018:

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– Ready Player One
Ready Player One takes time in 2045 where almost all of humanity spends time in a virtual space called OASIS (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation). Where the storyline begins when the founder of OASIS died and bequeathed ownership of OASIS to the first person to successfully solve the puzzle by looking for Easter eggs in it. With an exciting storyline and visual effects that spoil the eyes, Ready Player One has managed to revive the soul of the young people inside us.

– Mission: Impossible – Fallout
American secret agent Ethan Hunt returned after capturing Solomon Lane, the remainder of The Syndicate which was transformed into another organization called the Apostles. The organization plans to get a nuclear bomb that could trigger a nuclear war. Ethan along with his IMF team (Impossible Mission Force) was sent to Berlin to prevent this nuclear war from happening. Together with CIA agents (Central Intelligence Agencies), August Walker, Ethan, and his friends must find a way to complete the mission before it’s too late.

Success with the film series Mission: Impossible before, as usual Tom Cruise, seemed to anesthetize the audience with a formidable action. Plus the twist inserted in the film is a plus and makes MI – Fallout one of the best action films.

– Tomb Raider
Seven years after the disappearance of his father, 21-year-old Lara Croft refused to run the family business empire. Lara preferred to work as a courier in London and study there. But then an incident made him interested again in investigating the case of his father’s disappearance. This made him adventurous and traveled to an ancient site on the coast of Japan. Suddenly this became an adventure beyond Lara’s expectations, he had to rely on his intelligence, his tenacity and unyielding spirit. This film tells the beginning of why Lara is called the Tomb Raider.

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