How Bees Help Food Production

A room decorated with colored paint, posters, and letter clippings, and bee cartoon characters are very attractive to children. The attractive color could also attract children and you could help children learn about the importance of bees for humans and the whole world. Many children dislike this insect because the sting is hurt but decorating their room with will give you a way to help them grow their love for this insect and at the same time help them understand the environmental issue that threatens the bees.

Various factors affect the decline in bee populations, such as the use of chemicals in plants, climate change, and diseases that attack bees. Now we try to imagine, what would happen if a small insect with an important role for humans and also the Earth is extinct and no longer exists on Earth. Some plants, such as flowers, can still be seen on Earth because of the role of bees in their pollination. If the bees on Earth are extinct, the plants will also become extinct. This is the impact of the absence of pollination carried out by bees so that new plants can not grow elsewhere.

In addition to plants such as flowers, bees also pollinate plants that produce foodstuffs, such as vegetables and fruit that are friends’ favorite. Now, if the bees on Earth are extinct, then we cannot enjoy our favorite foods. Avocado trees, apples, berries, melons, cucumbers, until broccoli will also be affected if the bees are no longer on Earth. As a result, variations in food that can be consumed will be greatly reduced and we will no longer be able to consume foods that are produced from certain plants. Even if there is, it is estimated that the price will be very high because the amount is very small. That is why you need to also teach children the importance of bees and how to keep this insect thrive in the world. You could start by decorating their room with bee decorations.

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