Male Character Seen From How To Wear Watches

The main function of best watches for men is to showtime. The form can be analog or digital, and sometimes also displays information related to the current day and weather. But over time, the use of watches is not limited to a mere marker of time. But also become one of the supporters of everyday style. Every adam has a special habit of using it.

The position can be on the left wrist, and some are wearing it on the right. Why is it different? There is a hidden fact behind the location of the use of watches that you need to know.

The majority of men put watches in non-dominant hands
For most normal people, the clock position is usually on the left. Meanwhile, if you are left-handed, the clock position tends to be in the right hand. With the clock facing up or on the outside.

The Personalities of Those Who Wear It in the Left Hand and the Direction Facing Up
Impressive sociable, indifferent, and not too perfectionist are typical of the watch users on the left hand facing up. Simply put, they have practical thoughts, are simple, and enjoy working.

Left Hand Inward or Downward
Full of responsibility, and rather difficult to accept words that are less pleasant than the other person. The user of the watch in the left hand downward does not like the name change. They think quickly and logically, even though sometimes it’s not simple.

Right Hand Direction Out or Face Up
The man who wears his right watch facing up is classified as spontaneous and very open. Full of enthusiasm, not easily discouraged, and easy to get along. Regardless of how good or bad the person is.

Right hand towards in or facing down
Male characters by wearing such clocks tend to be emotional, the perfectionist in terms of punctuality. In a way, they are very organized and are reluctant to waste time on things that are not too important.

Wear a watch with loose conditions
There are also apparently men who wear wristwatches with loosened conditions. They have an open personality and are good at getting along, even though he is rather lazy to work.

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