Best Woods For Floor In Home Interior Design

The appearance of the floor in the interior design almost greatly influences the impression and atmosphere created by a room. There are many choices offered to optimize the function of the floor in the home interior design. One of them is a wooden floor. Many houses that use wood as a floor do not paint wood because it will reduce its aesthetic value, you can still get beauty if you choose the right paint and help from read full report.

Today there are many types of wood that are good for the floor of a house. This type of wood is usually felled from areas that are known to produce a type of building wood. Existing types of wood can replace and complement each other.

There are at least three types of wood that are good for the floor space of your house. You can choose according to your wishes and budget.

First, Solid Wood or Solid Wood Floor
This solid wood is one of the woods that you can apply as a floor in a home interior design. This solid wood is not yet a favorite of home interior designers and architects. One of the reasons why many don’t like solid wood for home interior design flooring is the wood’s vulnerability to unstable or extreme weather. Because it is ideal if you can apply wood that is resistant to various extreme weather. Even though it feels heavy, but if you can get it, it will certainly be a satisfaction for you.

Second, Types of Wood with Layer Technology or Engineer-Veneer Wood Floor
This second type of wood has used technology in its processing as a flooring material in the interior design of the house, from the main room to additional space. Some of the advantages and advantages of this type of wood, if applied in the interior design of your home, are easy to install and can be installed directly on ceramic floors or other types of floors. Then from the side of the price of this type of wood, it is also cheaper, not expensive and certainly more affordable when compared to solid floors. Meanwhile, even though it is not solid wood, the wood produced with wood with the original wood texture can still be seen on this type of wood. So it’s really like the original wood.

Third, laminated wood or laminate wood floor
Although the type of wood for this floor is not original but still it will give a natural impression in the interior design of a minimalist or maximal home. This type of wood is usually made in a way that is almost similar to the second type of wood in the form of layers. The top layer is printed like wood fiber coated by a plastic coating. While the core layer is HDF (High-density Fibreboard) or MDF (Medium-density fibreboard).