The Physical And Psychological Ways Ghosts Possess People

First of all, ghosts will make the environment of people who have become targets to be possessed, be conducive to the ongoing possession. Ghosts make or take advantage of situations that can confuse the mind so that it weakens the person. These situations can be at the physical or mental level. Additionally, if you believe someone sent a dark spirit after you, we recommend you try to remove black magic from yourself.

At the physical level, ghosts can cause or take advantage of problems such as skin rashes or making babies cry all night, so their parents suffer from insomnia. They take advantage of the weaknesses/vulnerabilities caused by these problems to make an entry point.

At the psychological level, ghosts take advantage of personality disorders such as anger, fear, emotional nature, etc. They aggravate the personality disorder so that it adds to our weaknesses/vulnerabilities. The greater our personality disorder, the easier it is for ghosts to possess, thus speeding up the whole process of possessing. Ghosts can easily possess people who are Tama’s dominant component with personality disorders such as weak thoughts, instability, strong desires, and fears. Ghosts nourish our personality disorders with dangerous thoughts that will further destabilize our world (mind).

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