This Is How To Prevent Your Laptop From Breaking Too Soon

Playing heavy games continuously is the most cause of laptop damage. Like playing GTA V, WatchDogs, PES 2019 games, etc. If it’s too forced then the laptop can overheat. Where if left unchecked there will be a vacuum in the laptop hardware. If this happens, you can repair it at Computer Repair San Diego.

In addition, if the laptop is exposed to water or has been subjected to water, there will be a short circuit because there is mineral water content which causes corrosion in certain parts. Therefore, keep water away from laptops and electronic goods.

Aside from that, most people use a laptop on a mattress or on a pillow. If it happens continuously there will be an obstruction of air circulation inside the laptop which can result in overheating as in the previous point.

Finally, Unconsciously, many people who move laptops with conditions that are still alive. Laptop turns on the hard drive are definitely spinning too. When the disk drive is spinning, if it is moved, the disk will certainly change its inclination. And certainly, there will be a scratch on the disk drive. If this happens continuously there will be a slow hard disk problem (bad sector).

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